Tabi Tabi Po


Tabi Tabi Po
Friday, November 13, 2009

I am part of a group of 40 that will be exhibiting at 1AM Gallery (1000 Howard St., SF). The exhibit will run from November 13 to December 12. Opening reception is from 7-10:30pm on the 13th.

Tabi Tabi Po is a group exhibition binomo app that explores the rich and colorful creatures of Filipino Folklore through Urban Contemporary art, featuring artists who are either Filipino or have Filipino ancestry. The Kapre, Manananggal, Dwende, Tikbalang, and Aswang will be some of the creatures that will be brought to life in this exhibit. This exhibit will explore the cultural significance of Filipino folklore- its' myths and reality. The exhibit is a multi-media installation, incorporating sound, structures, murals, indigenous craftwork and 2-d art, with over 40 artist participants.

Flyer by Krayolaeater

adidasummer art show opening pics


all day i dream about summer,
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here are pics taken by my friend Chunny on

all day i dream about summer


all day i dream about summer,
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ok, so it seems as if I come as a Exhibitor/DJ package. :) I'll be showing some pieces at the show with my homies and former bandmates from the The Recipe: Cir, Dre and Gavin. We all went to school together. This show is being put together by Melanie and Irene (Me. and I. Productions) in conjunction with adidas and ShoeBiz. I'll also be spinning with Snayk Eyez. More complete info here.

Shhhhh... secret progress pics for one of my pieces.

Gimme Some Daps/Absolutely Smaaashing


Gimme Some Daps/Absolutely Smaaashing,
Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a visual projection digital art and live musical performance show. I'll be showing about 5 sketchbook pages at this show. And I'll be DJing from ~10-11.

More info.

Blue Light Special


Blue Light Special,
Friday, December 12, 2008

I'll be showing with a bunch of awesome artists and some dear friends at the Blue Light Special at Lower Hater. I still have to create the art for this. But it should be fun. No art over $250. Cool theme. Roll on through. I'll be DJing as well! Multi-purpose, WHAT!?!

Dang... Finally.


Ok. so it's been 6 years since I updated this website. Sorry if it was looking dated. After a month of redesigning, here is the new TGCHD.

So, a lot has happened since the last version of my website: I got a job with it. I designed and illustrated hella stuff for buncha folks. :) I did a website for Medium Fits. Some stuff for Exact Science. A lot of stuff for SubyDude. But I never never knew that I would be doing litigation graphics. Pretty cool.

I guess on this edition of TGCHD it'll be more personal. I am going to do what I had hoped to do with the last edition. I am going to update it more often with journal entries from my sketchbook, just to keep my site fresh and keep me sane. I also have an ilustration project that I'll be posting on here. I'm really looking forward to it and't wait to share it with people.